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Brief History of Carlton County
Carlton County was established, with boundaries as they currently are, in 1857,
and is home to over 35,000 citizens, including over 3,200 people of the
Fond du Lac Reservation, the Lake Superior Band of Ojibway. 

Our population is mostly rural, 34.8 persons per square mile, with ten cities.  Our largest city is Cloquet, which is home to 12,124 persons and the Fond Du Lac Tribal & Community College.  You can also visit the City of Moose Lake,
one of our many caring communities.

The City of Carlton has served as the county seat since 1871.
Carlton County is well known for the devastating Fire of 1918. 
The Carlton County Historical Society and the Cloquet Public Library can provide you with more information on this chapter and other chapters of Carlton County history

Carlton County is home to the
Fond du Lac Indian Reservation

The Fond du Lac Indian Reservation (or Nah-Gah-Chi-Wa-Nong (Nagaajiwanaang in the Double Vowel orthography), meaning "Where the current is blocked" in the Ojibwe language) is an Indian reservation in northern Minnesota near Cloquet in Carlton and Saint Louis counties. Off-reservation holdings are located across the state in Douglas County, in the northwest corner of Wisconsin.
The total land area of these tribal lands is 153.8375 square miles (398.437 km2). It is the land-base for the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. Before the establishment of this reservation, the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa were located at the head of Lake Superior, closer to the mouth of the
Saint Louis River, where Duluth has developed.

Carlton County Neighbors
Aitkin ~ Douglas, WI ~ Pine ~ St Louis

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History of Minnesota
From the Earliest French Explorers
To The
Present Time
Reverend Edward Duffield Neill
Minneapolis: Minnesota Historical Company
Index ~ Military & Native Americans
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50 Years in the Northwest
W H C Folsom
Pioneer Press: 1888
Index ~ Lookups ~ Download

NEW>>>"Crime & Punishment"
Crime & Prison Records: Family Search / Ancestry
Records from CA, IA, ID, MO, NM, NY, PA
and a file called: "FBI - Deceased Criminals"

I found no list of Volunteers for Carlton County. If you have access to local information and are willing to be a resource, please contact Martha

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Getty Geographical Thesaurus 
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Historic Map Words ~ Genealogical
University of Minnesota ~ Maps
Bureau of Land Management
Minnesota Mining Maps
USGS Maps ~ 1869 Railroad Map

Carlton County is home to the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation
Eastern Cherokee Enrollment: 1910-1911


Miscellaneous: Family Search / Ancestry

Including the Bios below
Appletons' Cyclopedia of American Biography, 1600-1889
Passenger Lists, RR Employees, Border Crossings
American Red Cross Nurse School Records
Base Ball Team Applications, Post Office Employees & Locations
Voter Registrations, Prohibition Agents, Homestead Records
Quaker Periodical Records, WA Indian Enrollment
Cherokee Enrollments

One Minnesota Revolutionary War Hero:
Stephen Taylor
War of 1812 ~ Minnesota in the Civil War ~ 1883 Pensioners
Military Museum ~ DAR Lineage Records: Minnesota

Search the GAR ~ Search the SAR
Carlton Specific Military Records:
1890 Veteran's ~ Headstone Applications

Soldiers of the Great War, V2 - Minnesota

Military Records & More
Homes for Disabled Veterans1866 > 1938
Registers of Patients at Naval Hospitals, 1812 - 1934
US Naval Hospitals - Patients

Military Forts in Minnesota
Military Land Warrants in MN 1854-1863

Military & Minnesota Territory

Cemetery Information:
Find~A~Grave: Carlton County
"The Dalby Database"
US Cemetery & Funeral Records:
1847 > 2015 Carlton County, MN -
This Link is for all of the MN Files

There were links for the Cems below, but they are no longer valid. The Web page is gone, so the Chart is for reference only
Cemetery Name Location
Calvary Catholic Cemetery Cloquet
Eagle Lake Cemetery Eagle Township
St. Matthew's Cemetery Esko, Thomson Township
Holyoke Cemetery Holyoke
Leonard Cemetery Kalevala Township
West Branch Cemetery Kalevala Township
Perch Lake Cemetery Perch Lake Township
Lakeside Cemetery Wright, Lakeview Township
MState Veterans Cemetery Little Falls, Morrison Co., MN
Fort Snelling National Cemtery Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN

Gary Peterson has completed a great project
The 4 Cemeteries in Lakeview Township have been researched, photographed and indexed - There are almost 1,000 burials represented!

Lakeview ~ Lakeside ~ St Mary's ~ Wright
All Files are on my IceDrive, Searchable and Downloadable
Please use this Link

The information includes: Names, Dates of Birth, Death, Cause of Death, Grave Locations, Plat Maps and Find-A-Grave Memorial Numbers.
Links: Introduction & Explanation and a full Alpha List.
 [Searchable pdf's]

Thank you Gary, your diligence, expertise and willingness to donate these records to the Carlton County portion of the MNGenWeb are sincerely appreciated.

Minnesota Historical Society - General Resources
Minnesota Historical Society: Digital Newspapers
Minnesota Genealogical Society
Other Sources for Free Archived Digital Newspapers
Chronicling America ~ Google News Archives
Century Past ~ Illinois Digital Collection
Historical Newspapers: Indexed by State [Some Free]
and just for fun: Fulton

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Carnegie Mellon Library: Digital Collections

"Reclaim the Records"
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"Minnesota Only" Vital Record Databases
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Minnesota Deaths, 1887-2001
Minnesota, Birth and Death Records, 1866-1916
Minnesota, Church Records, 1798-1991
Minnesota, County Birth Records, 1863-1983
Minnesota, County Deaths, 1850-2001
Minnesota, County Marriages, 1860-1949
Minnesota, Death Records and Certificates, 1900-1955
Minnesota, Obituaries 1865-2006

There is a great set of booklets I found in the FS Catalog: Books
Tidbits of Sublette County, Wyoming
Compiled by:
Anna Lee Woffinden
Please use this Link: All Indexes for the Booklets
They contain all sorts of newspaper articles:
Birth, Death, Marriages, Funeral & Burial Announcements and Accidents

The Booklets are in the FS Catalog:
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Vital Records and Resources
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Birth Records can be found on FS or Ancestry
Minnesota Birth Index, 1935 > 2002
Minnesota Births & Christenings:1840 > 1980

Marriage Records & More: See Link, top right
Idaho Church Marriages, 1864-1976
Iowa Marriages, 1809-1992
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Michigan Marriages
Montana, County Marriages, 1865-1950
Pennsylvania County Marriages: 1845>1963 [Anc]
Pennsylvania County Marriages: 1709>1950
Washington Marriages: 1854 > 2013
Wisconsin, County Marriages, 1836-1911

Death Records & More: See Link top right
Born in Carlton County, Died Elsewhere
Arizona Coroner Records, 1881 > 1971
SF [CA] Coroner Records, 1824 > 1997
Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1994
Born in Carlton Co, died in IL
Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947
Born in Carlton Co., MN, Died in IL
Nevada Death Certificates, 1911 > 1965

Vital Data can be found in a wide variety of documents:
Baseball  Questionaires, Draft Registrations, Employment Applications, Passenger Lists, PassPort Applications,
Mortality Schedules, to name a few.
'Gleanings' : Minnesota Only

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Family Search: MarriagesDeathsObituaries

Obituaries from NewsBank

For the 5 Mn Counties I host:
Blue Earth ~ Carlton ~ Dakota ~ Hennepin ~ St Louis

1986 > 2020
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1980 > 2014 ~ Obits 2015 & 2016
Family Search: Genealogy Bank
Note: Some of the Obits from GB can be found in other databases.
Arizona, Payson, Obituaries, 1948-2008

Obituaries and Death Notices: Carlton Co., MN - GB 1900>1993
United States, Obituaries, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 1899-2012
Idaho, South East Counties, Obituaries:
See Gleanings link below

"Carlton Only Gleanings"
But...there are a lot of vital records for Carlton County
on Family Search.
Use the FS Catalog & Book Search for more

More "What's New"
"Alien Registration: Naturalization Records, 1918"
Family Search: Catalog

Alien Reg Forms & Dec of Holdings, roll 18, Atkinson-Holyoke, 1918 101273134
Alien Reg Forms & Dec of Holdings, roll 19, Cloquet, A-K, 1918101273135
Alien Reg Forms & Dec of Holdings, roll 20, Cloquet, L-S, 1918101273136
Alien Reg Forms & Dec of Holdings, roll 21, Cloquet, T-Z; Kalevala-Knife Falls, 1918101273137
Alien Reg Forms & Dec of Holdings, roll 22, Mahtowa-Split Rock, 1918101273138
Alien Reg Forms & Dec of Holdings, roll 23, Thomson-Wright, 1918101273139

Social Security Applications:
Born in Carlton County, MN
1940 > 2000 Index [Files on Ancestry]

 Carlton County
Family Search Historical Images

Location Item DGS Time Frame
Carlton Wills 4406112 1912 - 1918
Carlton Wills 4438238 1912 - 1927
Carlton Wills 4438236 1880 - 1921
Carlton Wills 4406073 1880 - 1921
Carlton Dec of Intent 101562143 1 Nov 1871 - 31 Aug 1914
Carlton Naturalization 101562144 1871 - 1952
Carlton Naturalization - Petition 101578734 1 Jan 1940 - 30 Jun 1951
Carlton Dec of Intent 101578729 1 Aug 1914 - 31 May 1952
Carlton Dec of Intent, Final Papers 101578730 1880 - 1952
Carlton Naturalization - Petition 101578731 1 Jun 1907 - 28 Feb 1917
Carlton Naturalization - Petition 101578732 1 Feb 1917 - 30 Sep 1926
Carlton Naturalization - Petition 101578733 1 Sep 1926 - 31 Jan 1940
Clear Creek, Carlton Claim Rec, Deeds, 
Mining Claims, 
Sales, School
8583020 1859 - 1864
Iverson, Carlton Obituaries 7618861 1985 - 1990

Location / CountyItems / Records DGS #Dates
Aitkin / MNVital Records75495201850-1946
Davidson / Aitkin / MNCivil Reg, Divorces, Marriage Lic & Bonds1022410241822-1950
Davidson / Aitkin / MNCivil Reg, Marriage Records, Death Certificates1022409911800-1900
Davidson / Aitkin / MNCivil Reg, Divorces, Marriage Lic & Bonds1022410211867-1968
Davidson / Aitkin / MNCivil Reg, Divorces, Marriage Lic & Bonds1022410281822-1950
Davidson / Aitkin / MNCivil Reg, Divorces, Marriage Lic & Bonds1022410221867-1981
Davidson / Aitkin / MNCivil Reg, Divorces, Marriage Lic & Bonds1022410231822-1950
Davidson / Aitkin / MNCivil Reg, Divorces, Marriage Lic & Bonds1022410271822-1950
Davidson / Aitkin / MNCivil Reg, Divorces, Marriage Lic & Bonds1022410251822-1950
Davidson / Aitkin / MNCivil Reg, Divorces, Marriage Lic & Bonds1022410261822-1950
Davidson / Aitkin / MNCivil Reg, Divorces, Marriage Lic & Bonds1022410201921-1954
Douglas / WisconsinDeath Records, Marriage Records82185641836-1899

Did any of your Family go to Colorado?
Here is info on Colorado Divorces: State Wide

Filmed Records: Family Search
1900 > 1939 & 1975 > 1992
Information Entered:
CO County of Divorce ~ Date & Place of Marriage
Number and Names of Minor Children, if any
Maiden Name Restored ~ Date of Decree
Film Numbers are Here

Family Search Historical Images:
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The Chart to the left contains Vital Record Historical Images for Davidson, Aitkin, MN & Douglas Co., WI

The St Louis, MN Historical Image Records are here.

More FS Catalog Resources
Carlton County Wills
Carlton County WillsFilm #
Wills, v. 7[A], p. 1-359, 1880-19214406073
Wills, v. 7[A], p. 360-374, 1880-19214438236
Wills, v. B, p. 1-45, 182-373, 541-555, 601-603, 1912-19274438238
Wills, v. C, 1923-19474438268
Wills, v. [D], 1943-19694438310
Wills, v. [E], 1967-19764438363
Wills, v. [F], 1976-19814438407
Wills, v. B, p. 1-17, 181-191, 541, 1912-19184406112

The Minnesota Digital Newspaper Hub
has early copies for the following Counties,
which are Neighbors:
Aitkin County, 3 Titles: 1883 - 1922
Pine County: 2 Titles 1873 - 1885
St Louis, There are a lot!

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